What is M2Lab CSDS?

M2Lab CSDS stands for M2Lab Centre for Statistical and Data Science research. It is a virtual centre for independent research, consulting, and teaching. The centre is run through the M2Lab.io and M2Lab.org websites, which was founded by Dr. Michel Mesquita in collaboration with Dr. Morgan Yarker of Yarker Consulting.

We publish scientific research, teach, provide consulting services, and create/deliver tutorials.

So, welcome to M2Lab CSDS! ¶

M2Lab.org was created in 2012 based on a paper about online learning. From then on, we have trained more than 1600 students, researchers, professors and professionals in topics ranging from: weather/climate models, statistical methods and data science.

Then in 2017, we established M2Lab Centre for Statistical and Data Science research: M2Lab CSDS. This opened doors for us to work on independent research, as well as consulting on topics related to data science, statistics, climate, artificial intelligence, among others.

We have also developed popular software resources, such as e-WRF, which is a virtualised version of the Weather Research and Forecasting model for educational purposes. Our current version of e-WRF uses Docker containers to allow users to run the model in a more modern, fast and practical way.