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Whether you are interested in summarizing data, measuring uncertainty, designing experiments, creating forecasts, or presenting your results, we have you covered.

At M2Lab CSDS, we provide consulting services to companies and private individuals. We also participate in research projects and proposals. Furthermore, we create and deliver statistics courses.

So, if you need help with statistics, get in touch!

We work with both Bayesian and frequentist approaches to statistics.

For years, we have provided consulting and have developed statistical methods and models for businesses, governmental agencies, universities and private individuals.

We also do volunteer work for non-profit organizations that need to make sense of their data.

Our methods include, but are not limited to, the following skills, methods, and tools mentioned below.

R | Python | NCL | SQL | AWS
Shiny | Pandas | SciPy
Numpy | Matlab | SPSS GenStat | Minitab
Keras | Scikit-learn TensorFlow

Mathematical & statistical modelling
Bayesian statistics
Linear programming
Multivariate statistics
Generalized linear models
Time series models
Probability theory
R&D | Scientific writing
Algorithms | Neural networks

Mesquita is certified by the Royal Statistical Society (United Kingdom) as a Graduate Statistician and Data Analyst.